A+A = Double the Fun

I was thrilled when I got an email from Coco asking me to photograph her newborn twins. My first twin session! Archer and Addison were born several weeks premature, so they had to wait a little bit before bringing them home. I am happy to say that they are both healthy & doing wonderfully, not to mention two of the cutest little babies you have ever seen! I couldn’t believe how tiny Addie looked next to her big brother. They were so cute together — I just couldn’t get enough! Here are a few shots of A & A.

Archer_Addie_Jan2013-03 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-06 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-09 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-28 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-43 IMG_0085


Introducing: Levi.

I took Karen’s maternity photos back in the fall, and I was so happy to get an email in January letting me know that their baby boy had arrived safe and sound. Levi Harrison is one seriously adorable little man! Despite a warning that he does not take kindly to being undressed, he was very cooperative throughout our session. And, oh my, he has a dimple that is to die for! Here are a few shots of Mr. Levi.

Levi_04 Levi_07 Levi_012 Levi_013 Levi_014_bw

Cameron is here!

I took Kelly’s maternity photos back in November, and once Christmas came and went, I was (not-so)-patiently waiting for baby to make his or her appearance. Kelly ended up going nearly a week past her due date, but her perfect little boy was absolutely worth the wait. Baby Cameron is the cutest little man and I was so excited to meet & photograph him. I was lucky enough to get in lots of cuddles throughout our photoshoot — he is the sweetest little babe! And how about that head of dark hair? Gorgeous! I just love him already. ❀

IMG_8747 IMG_8770 IMG_8842 IMG_8856 IMG_8870 IMG_8867

Little Miss OcΓ©anne

January was a busy time for babies being born, and this little lady was my first newborn session of the new year. She is an absolute doll and completely adored by her mom, dad, and big brother. Even with the heat turned up and space heater on, she let us know that she wasn’t a fan of wearing no clothes! Luckily, her mama had a super adorable outfit on hand that was perfect for the occasion. Check out a few shots of this darling girl below.

Oceanne_02BW Oceanne_04 Oceanne_029 Oceanne_038 Oceanne_041

Love is in the air.

When Lily & Chris contacted me about doing a winter engagement session, I was so excited! Not many people choose to do photos outside in the winter time, but it is one of the most beautiful times of year (if you are brave enough to deal with the snow & cold!) We were lucky enough to have scheduled our session the day after a serious snowfall, which meant everything looked soft and magical. We trekked through deep snow and had some close calls on some slippery ice, but we made it out alive, with some absolutely gorgeous photos to show for it! Congratulations, Lily & Chris. You make a beautiful couple.

Lily+Chris_01-19-13-18 Lily+Chris_01-19-13-33 Lily+Chris_01-19-13-05 Lily+Chris_01-19-13-03 Lily+Chris_01-19-13-13