RVP Family e-Workshop… Part TWO!

If you are a family photographer, or even a hobbyist who enjoys family photography, you have most likely heard of Rachel Vanoven, or seen her gorgeous images pop up on your Facebook or Instagram feeds. She is an Indianapolis-based photographer who travels throughout the U.S. and beyond… and she happens to be really, really great at her job.

Not only a talented photographer, she also makes an excellent teacher, and her newest e-Workshop is an update to the amazing Family e-Workshop she released a few years ago. This updated version not only includes the entire first workshop, but a whole batch of new videos and written information. I downloaded it as quickly as I could manage, and have been poring over all of these new goodies ever since. People! It. Is. Amazing.


Not only are there videos of entire family sessions, so you can get an idea of her session workflow, posing, and see the ways in which she interacts with her clients, but there are videos dedicated to specific poses, as well as one amazing video where she edits an entire session right before your eyes! I swear I was lulled into a state of amazed contentment just watching her. She shows you families with one child, two children, three children, four children! She shows you how to work with babies, toddlers, children, pre-teens, teens! She even throws in a bonus maternity video! Seriously, she leaves nothing out. She provides voice-overs, so while you are watching her in action, she is also explaining what is happening, and giving you all kinds of tips and tricks that will surely make you nod your head like I was, so excited to try some of these things out at my next session!


Rachel doesn’t hold back; she is extraordinarily generous with her knowledge, not just about photography and editing techniques, but about the way she runs her business. Her approach is informal and so easy to follow. She doesn’t bombard you with technical jargon, nor does she wag her finger and tell you that this is how things MUST be done. She simply tells you what works for her, and really encourages you to think outside the box, and to run your business in whatever way YOU see fit. It is so refreshing to have such a talented and successful photographer tell you that you don’t HAVE to do things a certain way.


Wherever you are in your photography journey, Rachel’s e-Workshop is a great investment. The written guide is broken down into many helpful and easy-to-follow sections, including tips and tricks for working with kids of all different ages, session flow, family posing, composition, and editing/processing. And the videos really bring all of this information to life. You can actually SEE the poses in action, and watch the little details play out — there is really no better way to learn. Best of all, you can come back to them over and over! AND you will get the opportunity to join the eWorkshop Facebook group, which is full of fellow photographers, all willing to help one another — and Rachel of course, who is always willing to answer questions and provide any help she can. You really do feel like she is with you every step of the way, and there’s nothing better than feeling that kind of support.


If you’ve ever looked at Rachel’s photos, you know that they look and feel magical. They are sharp and beautifully lit, of course, but it’s not just that. She has a way of finding the connection between people, and of capturing the love between family members. This eWorkshop gives you a peek behind the scenes, and shows you the thoughtful choices and the little tricks that can help create that magic. You won’t be disappointed.