It’s a boy… and a girl!

I love getting to photograph twins. Double the fun, right? Brandon and Ashley were so sweet and sleepy, and loved being snuggled in beside each other. At one point, I even caught them holding hands! Here are Miss A and Mr B:

IMG_7685_edited-2 IMG_7777_edited-1

Welcome, sweet Tilly.

This darling baby girl, who came into the world a little earlier than expected, was born into a family full of so much love. Along with her mama and daddy, she is lucky enough to have an older brother and sister too. I just loved photographing her – she is an absolute doll! Here are just a few of my favourites.

Tilly-March2013-10 Tilly-March2013-13 Tilly-March2013-38 Tilly-March2013-07


Baby Tristan.

There is nothing better than a sweet, sleepy, cuddly newborn. I had a wonderful time meeting & photographing darling little Tristan. Here is a sneak peek from our session. How handsome is he?


Miss Leia

Well, I’ve fallen a bit behind — I think I have about a dozen sessions to catch up on! It’s been a busy couple of months photographing all kinds of wonderful people. And that includes this darling girl, Miss Leia. She was about two months old during this session, which can sometimes be a tricky age for photos, but she was an absolute star. She is the sweetest little doll with a pile of dark hair and big, beautiful eyes. And that smile! Oh my. To die for. Check it out for yourself below.

IMG_0856_edited-1 IMG_0898_edited-1 IMG_0969_edited-1 IMG_1075_edited-1 Leia_Feb2013_026BW Leia_Feb2013_056 Leia_Feb2013_061

A+A = Double the Fun

I was thrilled when I got an email from Coco asking me to photograph her newborn twins. My first twin session! Archer and Addison were born several weeks premature, so they had to wait a little bit before bringing them home. I am happy to say that they are both healthy & doing wonderfully, not to mention two of the cutest little babies you have ever seen! I couldn’t believe how tiny Addie looked next to her big brother. They were so cute together — I just couldn’t get enough! Here are a few shots of A & A.

Archer_Addie_Jan2013-03 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-06 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-09 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-28 Archer_Addie_Jan2013-43 IMG_0085